Setting the Home Project

To set a home project for a DiveLine server:

  1. With the DiveLine connection open, create a project dedicated as the DiveLine home project. See Creating a New Project.

  2. Click Tools > Server Settings > Projects, and expand the Settings Closedchevron at the top.

    Server Settings Projects Settings Closed Chevron

  3. Select the Assign Home Project check box to enable the home project feature. Then, from the Closedhome-project list, select the project that you created in step one for the home project.

    Server Settings Projects Settings Chevron Open

    NOTE: A warning icon might appear next to the selected home project with an informational message. This operation allows all users access to the home project with read access to the top-level directory. This sets the Allow Access for all Users check box for the home project.

  4. Save the tab.

    The home project is set for this DiveLine server.

    NOTE: When you open the home project, it has a different Workbench Explorer Closedicon to identify it as the home project. This same icon appears in the Open Project dialog box, and a similar distinguishing icon appears in the project listing (Server SettingsProjects).

    Home Project Icon

Next, you need to set the home directory format and access pattern in the Users tab. See Setting the Home Directory Settings.