Processes Tab

The Processes tab on the Server Settings tab (Tools > Server Settings > Processes) allows you to view currently running DiveLine server processes. From the Processes tab you can see how busy the DiveLine server is before manually initiating a complex process, see the progress of long running jobs, and determine if anyone has manually started a process. It shows you all of the running processes on the server, whether or not you initiated them.

The Closedinitial screen is blank if no processes are currently running.

Processes Blank Screen

Any running processes appear in the ClosedRunning Processes table.

Processes Example Active Screen

When you select a process, the details display below the table in a detail panel.


  • If no process is selected in the Running Processes table, the details panel states Click on (Non-Production) process to view. Double click to open script, which means you can select any process other than Production processes to see more information in the detail panel, and that you can double-click any process in the list to open the script.
  • Production processes do not display details in the detail panel. In the Running Processes table, expand Production processes by clicking the triangle to the left of the Production listing to see what processes are being run from the Production script. Double-click to open the script so you can examine the results in the Production process editor.
  • These processes are currently executing—they disappear from the Running Processes table after they complete.
  • A right-click on a running process presents an Abort option.