Retrofitting Users for the Home Project

If you implement the home project feature on a DiveLine server with existing users, you need to retrofit these users to use the home project defaults for the home directory and access pattern. This procedure does not change any access settings already in place for existing directories.

To retrofit existing users for the home project feature:

  1. On the Users tab, double-click an existing user.

    The user Closedopens for editing.

    Editing a user

  2. On the General tab in the Home Directory box of the DiveLine section, enter the path to the home directory. Ensure this matches the pattern from the Home Directory Format field at the top of the Users tab as shown Closedhere. You can copy and paste this setting from the Home Directory Format field in the Settings chevron area of the Users tab.

    Home directory format

  3. Save the tab.

  4. Have the user log into the DiveLine server with ProDiver. This creates the user's folder within the home project.

  5. Place a DiveBook and App Template file in the user's home directory (if used).

  6. Return to the user's General tab, and set the DiveBook and App Template in the DiveLine section. Leave the project as <HOME PROJECT> and browse to select each from the user's home directory.

  7. Save the tab.

    ClosedFor example:

    Edit existing user for home project/directory

    The user is now set to use the home directory in the home project.