Home Directories

Home directories give end users a standard starting point when they open a client and log on to the DiveLine server. The user's home directory appears as the default folder in the ProDiver and NetDiver Open and Save dialog boxes. The home directory is the recommended location to store a user's DiveLine content, such as markers and reports, so that the personal files are separate from DiveLine server configuration and data files.

You can create user home directories:

  • You can manually create the operating-system level user directories, create a project alias to the top-level user directory if necessary, associate a unique home directory with each user, and set the access control. For more information, see Creating Home Directories
  • You can use the home project feature, which automates many processes for you. The home project feature creates new users' home directories, consolidates user file storage in the home project directory, and specifies file-level access control. The home project feature also sets a specific pattern for converting existing users. Users automatically create their own home directories when they first logon to the DiveLine server with the ProDiver or NetDiver client. For more information, see Home Project Overview.