Job Notifications

Color-coded pop-up messages can appear on the lower right of Workbench to indicate success or failure of a job.

Successful jobs have a Closedgreen pop-up message indicating the success.

Job Success Pop-up

Failed jobs display a ClosedJob Failed dialog box by default, asking if you would like to view the log.

Job Failed Dialog Box

Workbench has a preference that allows you to change this behavior to display a red failure pop-up message instead of the dialog box.

To change how Workbench displays notifications for job failures:

  1. Select ToolsPreferences.

  2. Select Behavior in the left pane.

  3. In the ClosedInteraction area, clear the Display an error popup when foreground jobs fail box. The label changes from True to False.

    Workbench Preferences Interaction

    This disables the Failed Job dialog box.

    Now a Closedred pop-up message displays at the lower right when a job fails.

    Job Failed Pop-up

NOTE: You can click the success or failure pop-up message to open the log, which is the same as selecting the Output status bar pane.

You can always change back to display the Job Failed dialog box by toggling back to True for the Display an error popup when foreground job fail option in the Behavior section of the Preferences dialog box.