Default Folder Structure

A Closeddefault folder structure is generated when you create a new project.

This structure is created when you create a new project and leave the Default Folder Structure selected in the Initial Contents box. See Creating a New Project.

NOTE: This structure represents the DI best practice for a project structure. However, the structure remains flexible. You can delete or add folders if required, or opt out altogether and create your own folder structure. Common additions are security to group property lists together, and publish to hold content to be shared across projects or using the home directory feature. If you opt out altogether, be sure to include a /temp directory for project processing, including that of the Spectre engine.

The following table describes the purpose for each of the default folders.

NOTE: Prior to version 7.1(14), when you create a new project, version control is turned on by default. This automated version control ignores certain folders by default as shown in the table.

Directory Version Control? Purpose
cbases* No

Storage for cBases created by the project.

config Yes

Storage for static or manually maintainable specialized files used as data, such as Measure Factory configuration scripts.

cplans* Yes

Storage for cPlans.

data No

Storage for raw data—often an aliased folder to another project or system folder.

diveplans* Yes

Storage for DivePlans.

diver Yes

Storage for ProDiver files, such as Markers and DiveBooks. This directory is intended to be a target of aliases from the Home Project. See Home Project Overview and Setting Aliases in the Home Project.



Storage for DivePort files, such as markers. They must be placed in this diver sub-folder to ensure that users clicking on a Launch in ProDiver link in DivePort are able to open them correctly. Could include Dive files for DivePort.

divetab Yes

Top-level organizing folder. In previous releases, this was the storage for the DiveTab scripts.



Storage for document files that are called from the DiveTab application—often PDF and movie files.



Storage for images used in the DiveTab application.



Storage for PDF files used in the DiveTab application.



Storage for DiveTab scripts.

docs Yes

Storage for any documentation developed for the project.

logs No

Storage for Production logs. This location is set on the Project Overview tab under Tools > Project Settings > Project Overview > logs. If you change the logs location, you should add that folder to the version control ignore patterns. See Managing Ignore Patterns.

models* No

Storage for Models created by the project.

programs Yes

Storage for various scripts used in the projects, such as Spectre Build and Dive, Integrator, Production, DIAL, and Tunnel scripts.

staging No

Temporary storage for generated files that need to wait for other actions before they are ultimately moved to another folder. For example, cBases are built here before being moved to the cbases directory.

temp No

Storage for temporary files created during project processing, including processing done by the Spectre engine.

.gitignore No Default version control file that contains ignore patterns. See Managing Ignore Patterns.

*These file types (cbase, cplan, diveplan, and mdl) are indirectly accessed in ProDiver through markers, but are not intended for direct access by an end user.

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