Creating Email Templates

Email templates define the message content, including the originator, subject, recipients, body, and file attachments, for notifications sent from Production nodes. Email Templates are sometimes referred to as Email Objects in the properties listings of Production nodes.

Prerequisite: You first need to create mailing lists, as they are required in this procedure. See Creating Mailing Lists.

To create an email template:

  1. Click the Add Email Template button next to the Email Templates label.

    The ClosedAdd Email Template dialog box opens.

    Add Email Template Dialog Box

  2. Enter the following:
    • Template name.

    • Email address that indicates who the message is from.

      NOTE: The default is set to DI-Production Service <[email protected]> and you can change it to a more meaningful address.

    • Email subject.

    • Email recipients. Select a mailing list from the Mailing Lists drop-down list, and click the Add button.

    • Text for the message body. Use the Insert Variable button for commonly used Closedvariables.

      Insert Email Variable dialog

    • A file attachment. If appropriate, type the path, or use the browse button (…), to locate a file that you want to attach to this message and click Add. Repeat for multiple file attachments.

  3. Click OK.

    The email template is completed.

This email template now appears as a choice in the drop-down listing for the email objects available in many Production nodes.

To edit, copy, or delete an email template:

  1. Select the email template in the list, and click the appropriate button.
  2. Make adjustments, and click OK.