Using the Restrict Column Editor

The Restrict Columns Editor is used from the Column-Based Rules section of the cBase Access and Model Access sub-tabs to set the columns you wish to restrict users from seeing. Restricting columns is configured the same in both the cBase Access and Model Access sub-tabs of the Access for tab.

NOTE: The Restricted Areas section of the DiveTab Access tab uses a similar dialog box, labeled Restrict Areas Editor, for restricting access to areas.

This procedure is based on using a cBase example—the same steps apply to setting restricted columns for models and restricted areas for DiveTab.

To set columns that you want restricted for a cBase:

  1. In an open project, right-click the project or directory, and select Edit Access Control.

  2. In the Access for / tab, click cBase Access.

  3. In the Column-Based Rules section, next to Restricted Columns, click ClosedAdd Columns.

    Choosing Add Columns for Restricting Column Access

    NOTE: If there are any existing restricted columns, the label is Edit and a preview listing of the restricted columns appears to the right.

    The ClosedRestrict Columns Editor opens.

    Empty Reistrict Columns Editor

  4. There are two methods available to add columns:

    • Click Add (+). Type the column name in the new row. Repeat for each of the columns that you wish to add.


    • Follow these steps

      NOTE: Numbers in the following sub-steps refer to numbers in the Closedexample.

      1. Select a cBase in the Search Results section (1).
      2. Select each columns to restrict in the Restrict section (2).
      3. Click Add selected columns to restricted columns list (3).
  5. Click Keep changes and close editor (4).

    Choosing Select Columns from...

    A parenthetical number appears next to the Restricted Columns area, and the column names are listed in the Closedpreview area.

    End Result of Restricting Columns (#)