Setting DiveTab Access

The DiveTab Access sub-tab of the access tab allows you to set Allow Area access rules for your Workbench DiveTab project.

To set DiveTab access:

  1. In an open project, right-click the project root or a sub-directory, and select Edit Access Control.

  2. In the Access for / tab, click DiveTab Access.

    The ClosedDiveTab Access tab opens.

    DiveTab Access Example

  3. Click add—plus sign (+)—to add a rule row to the Allow Area Rules table.

  4. Set the Condition and Condition Details, which define who the rule applies to.

  5. In the Restricted Areas box, set areas to restrict separated by commas with no spaces,

  6. In the Allow Area Rules table, set rules to allow some users or groups access to those restricted areas.

  7. Save the tab.