Access Control Conditions

Access control Condition and Condition Details describe to whom the rule applies. These condition choices are the same for every rule category. The following screenshot shows an example Closedfile access rule set.

Access Rule Condition Drop-Down List

NOTE: To set rules for multiple conditions, you add a new row to the rules table for each condition.

The following table details the four different condition types.

Condition Condition Details Description
Group Provides the list of groups on the DiveLine Rule applies to everyone in the selected group
User Provides the list of users on the DiveLine Rule applies to the selected user
Property Provides the list of properties (and values) on the DiveLine Rule applies to any user or group that has a given property and value(s) pair
All Users n/a Rule applies to everyone

NOTE: Non-administrator project developers can edit a project's access control settings. However, because these project developers are not DiveLine administrators, the lists of users, groups, and properties do not populate in the access control interface. The non-administrator project developer must enter these values by hand.

Using the Property condition allows you to separate the access rules from the users. For more information, see Properties: Separating Access Control Rules from Data Values.