Access Control Interface

Access control rules are set on the access tab, which you access when you right-click a project or directory and select Edit Access Control. The access control interface consists of several sub-tabs where you set the rules for each category. Note that the following numbers refer to numbers in the sample screenshot.

  • Category name (1)—Displays the name of the selected sub-tab
  • Project path (2)—Displays the project path, as shown in the graphic as us-sales path: / where the forward slash ("/") represents the root of the project us-sales
  • Filter drop-down list (3)—Displays a listing of users and groups that you can use to filter the listings when you have numerous rules (begin typing a name to limit the list)

    NOTE: When you limit the rules shown by user or group, the rule table header displays the number of rules displayed and the total number of rules. For example, Read Permissions (1 of 4).

  • Rules tables (4)—Displays one or more tables, based on the selected sub-tab where you set the individual rules
  • Sub-tabs (5)—Selects and displays the selected access control category

Access Control Interface 71