Comparing Text Files

There are often times when you want to check the differences between two files. For example: check for differences between two versions of a lookup-file, when that lookup-file is not under version control, compare a file with a backup from the week before, or compare the log results from two different runs. You can select two files in the Workbench Explorer pane and use the Compare text files context menu item to view the differences.

To compare files:

  1. Open your project and make sure the Explorer pane is open.
  2. Locate the text files to compare.
  3. Select and hold down the Ctrl-key while you select one file and then the other, and right-click.

    The files are selected and the context menu displays.

    Compae Text Files from Context Menu

  4. Select Compare text files.

    A pop up dialog displays. The first file selected opens on the left and the second on the right. Differences are highlighted. For example:

    File comparison of two text files

    Items in the left pane missing or different from the right are highlighted in pink. Items in the right pane missing or different from the left are highlighted in green.

NOTE: You can select files in different folders in your project or you can select two files across different projects.