Spectre Build Objects

The Spectre Build Flow Editor presents you with a series of objects (code blocks) that represent build code blocks in Spectre Build scripts. These are available from right-click context menus. When selected, an object's properties are listed in a Properties Panel at the foot of the object flow editor. This section has some reference topics to help you understand what is shown in each properties panel.

The expanded Spectre Build GUI for Workbench 7.2 includes the following object types:


Input Object Description
cBase-Input Defines properties of the cBase input. See Spectre Build cBase Input.
Dive-Input Defines properties of the Spectre Dive input. See Spectre Build Dive Input.
Excel-Input Defines properties of the Excel input. See Spectre Build Excel Input.
Json-Input Defines properties of the JSON input. See Spectre Build JSON Input.
List-Input Defines properties of the list input string. See Spectre Build List Input.
ODBC-Input Defines properties of the ODBC database input. See Spectre Build ODBC Input.
Text-Input Defines properties of the flat input file. See Spectre Build Text Input.
Tunnel-Input Defines properties of the Integrator Tunnel input. See Spectre Build Tunnel Input.

NOTE: Each input type supports a right-click context menu that allows you to convert the object to a different input type. The result is a clean object which does not retain any properties of the old object except for the name.


Process Object Description
Alias Object Renames, keeps, and removes columns. See Spectre Build Alias Object.
Breaks Object Identifies rows with identical values. See Spectre Build Breaks Object.
Calc Object Runs calculations to create or modify columns; use Expressions Editor for new calcs. See Spectre Build Calc Object.
Concat Object Combines multiple inputs into one output flow. See Spectre Build Concat Object.
Expand Object Creates rows for each value in between a starting and ending row value. See Spectre Build Expand Object.
Filter Object Adds a simple or complex filter for the data. See Spectre Build Filter Object.
Join Object Joins auxiliary data from a text, cBase, ODBC, Spectre Dive, or Integrator Tunnel as a source. See Spectre Build Join Object.
Keep Object Specifies columns to keep. See Spectre Build Keep Object.
Lookup Object Performs lookups using text, cBase, ODBC, Spectre Dive, or Integrator Tunnel input. See Spectre Build Lookup Object.
Rotate Object Reorients the row and column data. See Spectre Build Rotate Object.
Sort Object Sorts one or multiple columns in the data flow. See Spectre Build Sort Object.
Squash Object Combines rows with identical values. See Spectre Build Squash Object.


Output Object Description
cBase Object Shows the column names and data types for the build target. See Spectre Build Output Object.