What is Workbench?

Workbench is an integrated development environment (IDE), designed to simplify and speed up development of applications that process and present your data. Workbench uses a central project repository to manage and control the back-end building blocks. With Workbench, you can test and visually examine your data flows and processes. In addition, Workbench provides one point of entry for all your Diver Solution and Diver Platform data servers, easing the task of developing, testing, and managing multiple data projects. The following graphic shows a sample Workbench screen.

Workbench allows you to set schedules for the extract, transform, and load (ETL) tasks associated with your projects. Scheduling project tasks ensures that your transformed data is up to date and available to users when they need it.

In Workbench, you can organize and transform your raw data into useful data sources that are then presented to the end-user applications as shown in the following Closeddiagram. You can design how to present the data in diveable dashboards and graphical and tabular displays. With the ProDiver, DivePort and DiveTab clients, users can further manipulate data as well as formulate and answer questions relative to their roles in the organization.


Watch the Video: What Is Workbench?.