DI-ODBC Overview

DI-ODBC (Dimensional Insight ODBC Driver) is an ODBC driver that can retrieve Spectre data from DiveLine. ODBC-capable applications can use the driver to make queries against a DiveLine server, as specified by a connection string or a configured DSN.

With the addition of DI-ODBC, Diver Platform becomes an open architecture. Analysts can use their tool of choice to examine cBase data. Examples for usage include:

  • Synchronizing data into an Excel spreadsheet
  • Using the Spectre engine to feed an alternative graphing tool
  • Dumping cBase data to import into another application

The driver can be used to query a cBase, cPlan, or Dive script. Queries are made using SQL syntax.

DI-ODBC is available for Windows, in 32- and 64-bit versions which are installed together by an MSI-based installer. The driver's version is 7.1, but it can connect to both 7.1 and 7.0 DiveLines. Note however, when connecting to 7.0 some features will be unavailable.

NOTE: DI-ODBC requires a special license and users need to be configured on the server.