About Dive Page Type

The DiveTab dive page presents a cPlan data in a predefined tabular format.

  • Dimensions are presented on the leftmost columns. Their headers have a blue background.

  • The rightmost columns show summaries. Their headers have a green background.

Though the diving capability is similar to that of an ad hoc page, dive pages save space by includeing the Dive Dimensions in the context menu for each value. Dive pages focus on adding and removing QuickView dimensions.

In addition, like an ad hoc page, a dive page can display multiple dimension columns, or MultiColumns. However, users cannot control whether or not the page displays MultiColumns or determine which dimensions are available for display as MultiColumns. Similarly, users cannot control which dimensions appear as options for dimension switching.

Both ad hoc pages and dive pages can switch the primary dimension with other dimensions.

Here is an Closedexample of a dive page with one primary dimension.

Dive page example with one dimension.

Here is an example of the Closedcontext menu for the dimension column.

The context menu for the dimension.

Here is an example of the Closedcontext menu for a dimension value.

The context menu for dimension value AVENIU BRANDS.

NOTE: A right-click opens the context menu. A blue cell shows that there is a link, and a left-click follows the link to another page.

Here is an example of the Closeddive page after using the dive arrow.

A dive on Corporate Supplier value AVENIU BRANDS for Corporate Brand.

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