What's New in ProDiver 7.1?

The ProDiver 7.1 UI has been updated. Pre-existing functionality remains, and new features have been added.

New ProDiver UI

Changes to the Menu Bar

  • A new Data menu has been added to the menu bar.

    Data menu.

  • Menu items have been reorganized, and sub-menus have been added. For more information, see New and Moved Menu Items.

Updated Icons

ProDiver displays redesigned icons on the toolbar, console, dialog boxes, and in the top-left corner of dive windows.

Toolbar icons

Menu and toolbar.

The Focus Focus icon and Group Group icon. icons change to Stop Focus Stop focus icon. and Stop Group Stop group icon. icons respectively, when those actions are taken.


Updated Dialog Boxes

  • The font has been changed and enlarged for easier reading.
  • The Select Column dialog box can be resized.


Console Changes

  • The console now appears on the left side of the dive window by default, and the dive selector tabs have been moved to the bottom of the console.

    ProDiver console and selector tab location.

    If you prefer to see the console on the right side, you can move it. See Moving the Console.

  • The console has a new search filter.

New Switch Dimension Feature

You can change a vertical dimension on a tabular display or graph. For more information, see Switching Dimensions.

New Look for Tabular Displays

By default, Closed tabular displays show a new blue label color that is defined in the diver.ini file.

Sample tabular display.

In previous versions, the default color was white. To customize the label color, see Setting Preferences in ProDiver.

Items that are selected on the tabular display are identified with a softer highlight color.

Tabular display showing selected item.

New Option for QuickViews

You can now automatically convert pulldown and ComboBox QuickView types to picklists from the QuickView context menu.

New Look for Reports

The default Closedreport font settings have been updated.

Basic report.

Videos in Help

How To videos have been added to this Help system.

On-going Improvements

Starting with version 7.1(14), session information, useful for searching log files, displays in the About Dialog.


See also What Was New in ProDiver 7.0?