Finding Data

The find feature searches a dive window for specified text, numbers, dates, or time periods.

There are multiple ways to search and find information in a dive window column. If no column is selected, the search is performed on the leftmost column.

You can also use the Console context menu to search and find dimension values before a dive is performed.

The following commands open a Find dialog box:

  • On the ProDiver menu bar, select Organize > Find.
  • On the toolbar, click the Find icon Find icon..
  • Right-click on the tabular dive window, and then on the tabular context menu, click Find.
  • Right-click a dimension in the Console, and then select Find Before Dive.

The contents and options available in the Find dialog box vary, depending on the type of information in the selected column (text string, numbers, dates, time period).


  • The Find Next option is unavailable if the Focus check box is selected.
  • The Find text box is unavailable unless the Expression radio button is selected. It retains a history of the last 10 expressions that were entered.

You can also perform an Advanced Find for complex combinations of search criteria. For more information, see Advanced find.

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