What Is a QuickView?

NetDiver QuickView is a feature that enables you to easily apply one or more filters to a dive and alter the results of the final dive window. QuickViews provide fast access to lists of all values in a dimension. You can dynamically change combinations of dimension values and reproduce a dive with the updated values.

How QuickViews work

As a basic example, the following table shows the population of each town in Worcester county, Massachusetts. A QuickView for the County dimension can be seen between the toolbar and dive window.

Tabular showing town population in Worcester county.

You can use the QuickView list to select a different dimension value; in this case, a different county.

County QuickView list.

The dive window updates with the data for the updated dimension value.

Updated table showing population data for Bristol county.

You can apply multiple QuickViews to a complex page that has several levels of dives.

Page with three QuickViews.

For more information, see Using QuickViews.