What's New in Measure Factory 7.1?

Measure Factory Editor

The Measure Factory Editor is a graphical editor that you can use to edit rules, measures, and data sets in the Measure Factory configuration file.

Updated Tag Names

Measure Factory views have been renamed to scopes.

Measure Factory thresholds have been renamed to auxiliary measures, sometimes referred to as aux-measures.

Runtime Parameters

The factory configuration script can include run-time parameters, which are passed to the factory from a DivePort QuickView.


The stamp portlet is a collection of portlets that are bundled and saved as a template. DivePort users can use stamps to quickly generate predefined dashboards using Measure Factory data.

A stamps with a collection of 11 portlets.

In Workbench, you can create template files for DivePort stamps with assistance from the grammar-aware text editor.

Self Service

The self service option allows DivePort users to manage, add, edit, delete, and populate their own page with stamp portlets

Sample self service page..

Assisted Analytics

Assisted Analytics is a separately-licensed Measure Factory feature that identifies dimension values that are outliers when compared with their peer values. Assisted Analytics reports can help you explore values that might warrant a closer look.

Videos in Help

How To videos have been added to this Help system.

Ongoing Improvements

Although each software update provides new features, version 7.1(13) introduced significant updates. For more information, see Measure Factory Enhancements.