Licensing Levels

User Categories for Diver Platform 7.1

Diver Platform 7.1 uses User Categories for user licensing. Each named user is in zero or more user categories. Each category has a licensed count of the number of users that may be in that category. If you assign more users to the category than the license allows, excess users are treated as if they are not in the category.

Each client program requires that a user be in a particular category. A user who authenticates successfully but is not in the required category is denied access and instructed to contact an Administrator for access.

The user categories are:

  • Developer—access to Workbench* and all Diver clients
  • ProDiver—access to ProDiver, DI-Broadcast, and DIAL
  • DivePort—access to DivePort and NetDiver
  • DiveTab—access to DiveTab client for the iPad and PC
  • HelpDesk—access to Help Desk and DI-Config so they can make user account changes without consuming a Developer license. Help Desk users do not have access to data.
  • NOTE: Developers automatically have access to HelpDesk. In order to give a non-developer user access to HelpDesk, it needs to be part of your DiveLine server license.
  • ODBC—access to DI-ODBC driver
  • CellDiver— access to CellDiver

See Managing Diver Platform Licenses.

* Workbench can be licensed for use with the classic Model engine or the Spectre engine.