What is Help Desk?

Help Desk provides a subset of the Workbench DiveLine server settings for user and group maintenance.

Help Desk Overview

Help Desk users can perform the following tasks:

  • Create, edit, and delete users
  • Create, edit, and delete groups
  • Assign properties and values to users and groups
  • Assign project access to users and groups

The following tasks require Workbench and cannot be performed with Help Desk:

  • Access data sources
  • Create, edit, and delete projects
  • Create, edit, and delete properties
  • Create, edit, and delete access control rules
  • Define executables and extensions
  • Define general DiveLine server settings
  • Define the home project and set home directories

You need to coordinate with the DiveLine administrator to understand how the DiveLine server is configured so you can administer the users and groups. You need to gather information about the following (if used):

  • Home project settings
  • Home directory patterns
  • Properties and values