Presentation Pages

Presentation pages are files that display as slides and are organized using tabs or bookmarks. Presentations can be easily navigated by clicking the arrows on the left and right sides of the page.

Here is an Closedexample of a presentation page.

An example of a Presentation page for DiveTab on the PC.

The tabs, or bookmarks, represent different sections in the presentation, while the dots in the bar above the tabs indicate the number of slides in the current section. The lighter shaded dot is the slide currently being viewed.

Press F11 to enter full-screen mode. Press Esc or F11 to exit full-screen mode.

Here is an example of a Closedpresentation in full-screen mode.

The full screen view for a Presentation page in DiveTab for the PC.

Presentation pages are pdf files, with the pdf bookmarks becoming tabs and the pages becoming slides.

Here is an Closedexample of a pdf file opened in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

The pdf file opened in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Here is the Closedsame file as a presentation page in DiveTab.

The PDF file as a presentation in DiveTab (on the PC).

Notice how dots represent the pages, and the tabs represent the bookmarks.

As of version 7.1(14), if configured by the developer, you can download the source ppt or pptx file for the presentation. Click the Options button and select ClosedDownload Presentation Source.

Example of the Download Presentation Source option.

TIP: When you navigate away from the presentation and return in the same session, DiveTab recalls the last slide you viewed.