Editing Dimensions and Columns

You can change the placement of Dimensions and Summary Columns on a data page. The Edit option allows you to edit the function and selection of dimensions and columns.

Select the Edit option from the Options menu to bring up the dialog box.

NOTE: Not all tabular pages have the ability to edit dimensions and columns. The presence of a Dive Dimension is an indicator that editing dimensions is possible.

Here is an example of the Options button for the DiveTab application.

Ad Hoc page sample with Options button indicated on the PC.

Here is the Dimensions tab of the ClosedEdit Dimensions and Summary Columns dialog box.

Example of the Dimensions tab of the Edit Dimensions and Summary Columns dialog box on the PC.

TIP: Click Cancel or the red X button on the top right to exit without making changes.

The Dimensions tab has four sections:

  • Available Dimensions
  • Selected Dimensions
  • Dive Dimensions
  • QuickView Dimensions


  • Selected Dimensions and Dive Dimensions are mutually exclusive.
  • QuickView Dimensions can be configured to not be edited. These Dimensions appear with a lock icon next to the name.

Here is the ClosedSummary Columns tab.

Example of the Summary Columns tab of the Edit Dimensions and Summary Columns dialog box on the PC.

The Summary Columns tab has two sections:

  • Available Summary Columns
  • Selected Summary Columns

The Available section includes dimensions and columns that do not appear in the initial view. You can drag any of the Available Dimensions and Available Summary Columns to any other section to add a dimension or column, and do the opposite to remove it. A Dimension cannot be added as both a Selected Dimension and a Dive Dimension. Keep in mind that Selected Dimensions must include at least one dimension.

Click OK to save your changes.

NOTE: Dimensions, Dive Dimensions, and QuickView Dimensions are automatically included as Available Dimensions. Text columns, alert columns, and bullet columns are automatically included as Available Summary Columns.

Dimensions appear in the order they are listed in the dialog, from left to right.

If you return to the top level menu, or use the Sections Button to change pages, the dimension selections are reset, allowing you to organize the data page into a new configuration.