Using QuickViews

QuickViews are used to filter data by selecting specific values to view. Multiple QuickViews can be applied at the same time.

NOTE: A 64-bit iPad and developer configuration is required to use QuickViews offline, and the QuickView must be previously cached.

To use a QuickView:

  1. Tap a QuickView.

    Here is an Closedexample of a QuickView.

    The initial filtering of data upon opening, before QuickViews are set.

    The ClosedSet QuickView dialog box opens.

    The menu used to select values to filter by.

    You can also search for values using the search box. It returns values that contain your search term.

    For QuickViews related to the date or date range, a Closeddrop-down menu reveals a calendar you can use to select dates. You can also enter the date in the text box using the date format.

    Example of a QuickView using the Current Date.

    TIP: Tap outside the dialog box to exit without making changes.

  2. Tap the values you want to filter by. A check indicates the value is selected.

    Here is an example of the ClosedSet QuickView with values selected.

    After the values for filtering are selected.

    NOTE: You can choose to view only the selected values by clicking the Show Selected button.

  3. Tap DONE.

    The dialog box closes, and ClosedQuickViews are applied.

    The resulting data after filtering using QuickViews.

    Notice that the values have changed; only values North East and Mountain West are selected, so only data for those regions is included in the page.

    NOTE: When diving on data, the QuickView still applies to the resulting page. For example, when following a link for Distributor, the Region QuickView with two selected values carries over to the resulting page.

  4. Tap the Reset Button to return the QuickViews to the way they were configured when you initially opened the current page.

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