Adding Stamps to a Self Service Page

Your DivePort administrator can create a specially formatted self service page that you can use to add stamp dashboards using Measure Factory data. When you add a stamp to a self service page, you specify a measure, any filters that you want to include as QuickViews, and a stamp template. All configuration information and formatting is defined in the stamp template. You can add multiple stamps to your self service page, and choose different measures and stamp templates for each.

To add a stamp to your self service page:

  1. Browse to your self service page.

    TIP: If a new self service page is totally blank, refresh the page.

  2. On the upper-right corner of the page, click the Edit icon.

    Edit icon.

    A two-tab pane opens on the left side of the page, listing available Measures and Filters (dimension QuickViews).

    Self service Measures and Filters tabs.

  3. On the Measures tab, select the measure to use for the dashboard.

    A measure definition and Select a stamp for your page list appears.

    Self service stamp selection.

  4. Double-click the self service stamp template that you want to use.

    The stamp dashboard is added to the page.

  5. To add QuickViews to the page, click the Filters tab, and then select the options to use for QuickViews.

    TIP: Filters are left-to-right dependent. If you change values on the left filter, DivePort automatically removes non-applicable options from the filters to its right.

  6. To save the page, on the upper-right corner of the page, click the Save icon.

    Save icon.

To remove a stamp, use a drag-and-drop operation to move it to the trashcan on the bottom right of the page.