About the Color Pickers

DivePort uses two styles of color pickers.

Choose a color dialog box.

Color pickers can use an RBG color value or its equivalent HEX color value. They display a color pallet that you can use to refine the saturation and lightness of the specified color.

On the right side of the color picker, a vertical slider is available for selecting a color hue. Or you can enter the RBG or Hex value in the dialog boxes at the bottom of the color picker.

After choosing a hue, you can use the color selector on the pallet to select a specific combination of color saturation and lightness.

  • Hue—A degree of color on the color wheel. Enter an RBG value or use the vertical slider to select the hue.

  • Saturation—A percentage value of hue; 0% shows a shade of gray and 100% is the full color. The palette color selector adjusts the saturation value.

  • Lightness—A percentage value of light; 0% is black, 100% is white. The palette color selector adjusts the lightness value.

    HSL value ranges

The basic color picker defines the color as a hexadecimal value.

The advanced color picker uses RBG values to define the color, as well as an A (Alpha) setting to specify the transparency of the color in the range of 0–100, where 0 is transparent and 100 is solid. When the alpha setting is anything other than 100, the color is defined in the format with the alpha setting appearing as a percentage.

You can use the horizontal slider to adjust the transparency level.


See also About RGB Colors.