PDF Click Action Options

An example of an edit click action, pdf dialog box.

Option Description
Type Specifies the click action type.
Scope Specifies the click action scope. Options include Portlet, Row, Portlet and Row, and Link. Available options vary, depending on the type of portlet.
Label Specifies the label that displays in the click action context menu.
Filename Available in DivePort 7.1(25) and later. Specifies a custom name for the click action export file. For information about the default file name, see About PDF Click Actions.
Cascade print on QuickView

Available in DivePort 7.1(25) and later. Applies to measures and marker portlets only. Generates a merged pdf file that contains individual pdf files for each value of the QuickView.

TIP: This option is not intended for QuickViews that have a large number of values. Consider using DIAL to generate pdf files in those cases.

Add Parent Information Available for Analysis, Measures and Diver portlets. Adds information describing QuickView and parent window selections at the start of the first page.

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