Export to Excel Click Action Options

An Edit Click Action dialog box with Type set to Excel.

Property Description
Type Specifies the click action type.

Specifies the click action scope. The default is Portlet and Row. The other option is Link.

  • Select Portlet and Row if you want the click action to be available anywhere on the portlet instance.
  • Select Link if you want an Excel logo to appear at the bottom of the portlet instance.
Label Specifies the label that displays in the click action context menu and the link-scoped click action trigger button. This option accepts macros. The default is Excel.
Filename Available in DivePort 7.1(25) and later. Specifies a custom name for the click action export file. For information about the default file name, see About the Export to Excel Click Action.
Produce an XLSX file

Specifies the format of the Excel spreadsheet. When selected, the file uses the xlsx format. When cleared, the file uses the xls format. This option is selected by default.

TIP: Excel xls worksheets are limited to approximately 65500 rows, but the xlsx format does not have this limitation. If your portlet has more than 65500 rows, be sure to select this option.

Add Parent Information

Applies to analysis, marker, matrix, and measures portlets. Adds information describing QuickView and parent window selections at the top of the spreadsheet. This option is cleared by default.

NOTE: Measures portlets are limited to displaying 100,000 rows from a dive, cplan, cbase, or marker file. The exported Excel file reflects this limit.

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