About Assisted Analytics

Assisted Analytics is a Measure Factory feature that performs automatic dives in analysis portlets and summarizes the results to give you hints about next steps to analyze your data. In those dives, dimensions and dimension values are examined, and given a rating. You can use this information to explore numbers that might be of interest.

Using the current measure, the automatic dive examines how each dimension value compares to its peers in each of the last 12 months. If in any month, a dimension value is more than three standard deviations away from the mean, it is considered an outlier. The overall rating for a dimension value is the sum of weighted points for each month in which it is an outlier, normalized to a range of 1–9. The points are weighted so that more recent outliers tend to have a higher rating than less recent ones.

Assisted Analytics is performed on eligible dimensions only. Eligible dimensions are defined in the factory configuration file. For more information about the factory configuration file, see Workbench Help.

Using Assisted Analytics

When Assisted Analytics is enabled, an button is added to the upper right section of the analysis portlet. Click the button to perform an analysis on the current dive settings and current data. The resulting report shows the outliers and their ratings. You can specify a minimum rating to filter the report and apply QuickViews.

Sample assisted analysis report.

Clicking a dimension name or value in the report switches to the standard analysis portlet view specific to that dimension or value. Clicking a Chart icon Chart icon.in the rightmost column generates a chart view of the last 24 months of row data.


If your DiveLine license includes assisted-analytics, you can enable Assisted Analytics and flag dimensions as eligible for analysis as follows:

  • In DivePort, enable Assisted Analytics on the Edit Analysis Portlet dialog box.
  • In the factory configuration file, indicate which dimensions are eligible for AA by setting assisted-analytics=true. For more information, see Workbench Help, and search for Measures tags or Dimension Sets Tags.