DivePort 7.1 Help for Administrators

DivePort is the browser-based web portal component of the Dimensional Insight Diver Solution and Diver Platform.

NOTE: The information contained in this Help includes all functionality, including those portions limited to a special license class. As a result, you might find options described in this Help that do not apply to your software. Your purchased and installed license controls what is presented as options to you on the GUI.

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Using This Help System

The layout of this Help system varies, depending on the device that you are using to view it.

A full screen view shows a menu of help categories and a search box on the top of each page.

Note the following:

  • The main section of the DivePort Help home page has links to commonly-viewed Help pages.
  • To return to the DivePort Help home page from anywhere in the Help system, click the DivePort Help menu item.
  • To go to the DI Documentation webpage, which provides links to other DI Help systems, click the DI logo on the left side of the title bar.


When viewing from a mobile device, the menu items are replaced with a Menu icon. You can access the menu by clicking the icon.

Location of the menu icon.

Blue text and expansion arrows

Some pages have details that can be viewed by clicking blue text or a drop-down arrow.

Clicking an Closedarrow in a box typically reveals a graphic. Often, it shows an example of what to expect on the screen.

Sample graphic.

Click the arrow again to reverse the action.

For more information, see Tips to Improve Search Results.

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About DivePort Browser Compatibility

DivePort provides access to a wide range of information through a web browser. DivePort is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or later, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers. DI strongly recommends that you use the current version of browser software.

The DivePort interface organizes data in a way that is familiar to mobile device users. Menu pages contain large icons that link to pages or related dashboard sets. Although the data used in DivePort is developed using the Workbench integrated development environment and the ProDiver analytic tool, DivePort pages are defined and configured by an administrator directly in the browser window. After a portal is built, users can use a browser to access the data.