What Is Measure Factory?

The DI Measure Factory is an automated business rules engine. As an optional module for the Diver Platform, Measure Factory ensures data integrity and standardization by applying business rules and other metadata consistently across data sources.

In Measure Factory, metadata is defined with the concept of a measure, which is calculated by applying business rules to source data. Measure Factory ensures that the same definition is applied every time that measure is created regardless of the source from which the data is extracted.

You can develop a customized set of measures to define KPIs that are important to your business.

Optionally, Dimensional Insight offers applications that include hundreds of predefined, industry-standard measures.

For example, in a healthcare environment, a measure called Normal Newborn ALOS is defined as The sum total of Normal Newborn Discharge Days divided by Total Normal Newborns Discharged. The measure also defines Normal Newborn as a newborn baby that is not in a NICU or special care nursery; and the definition continues to define NICU and special care nursery.

Definition of Normal Newborn ALOS.

DivePort is the primary tool that you use to view Measure Factory application data. The following portlet types are available exclusively to Measure Factory license holders:

  • Analysis
  • Factory Explore
  • Matrix
  • Stamp

Workbench is the primary tool that you use to configure the Measure Factory. For more information, see Workbench Help.

Measure Factory requires a separate license.