About Combination Charts

A Combination Chart displays multiple values as superimposed Area, Column, Line, Spline, or Spline Area charts. Example:

Example of a combination chart.

Bar charts and area charts can be stacked.

Combination chart options

When you create a combination chart, you specify a column value for each individual chart. DivePort assigns chart colors based on the skin.

For each value, you can customize:

  • A label
  • Type of chart
  • Color and appearance
  • Inclusion of statistics (median and mean values)

Vertical combination chart

Vertical combination charts are available in DivePort 7.1(27) and later. This chart is a flipped version of the earlier combination chart. It uses the vertical axis as the major axis instead of the horizontal axis and replaces the column type with a bar type.

Example of a vertical combination chart

Reading a combination chart

Placing a pointer within the chart opens a tooltip that shows the numeric data values associated with it.

See also Chart Portlet Options.