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IHM is a nonprofit focused on helping hospitals increase revenue and improve care by leveraging the power of their clinical data. For over a decade IHM has a track record of delivering results.
IHM is now actively expanding its membership. Which means hospitals are eligible to receive the following benefits at no charge.

  • IHM will clean your clinical data
    • Clinical data is a treasure trove of insight but first the data must be cleaned and normalized for analytics
  • IHM will provide benchmarking data
    • IHM provides de-identified data required for creating benchmarks critical for measuring strategic priorities and initiatives
  • IHM will provide a new revenue stream
    • Now more than ever. hospitals are looking for new ways of monetizing key assets
    • IHM has established channels needed to monetize safely and securely de-identified clinical data

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Manchester, MA 01944-1511Phone: 339 933 1752

Contact: John Volpe
Email: John.volpe@healthmetrics.org
Website: www.healthmetrics.org