Healthcare measures matter for your success

As the saying goes, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” For all hospital systems, it is imperative to measure every aspect of your environment to achieve better patient outcomes, improve processes, and control operating expenses. Many hospital systems feel challenged to select the right measures, define those measures and the business logic, and consistently maintain the measures for their healthcare system.

Dimensional Insight solved this challenge by creating the Measure Factory. Measure Factory provides a centralized location to define, validate, document, and standardize measures (KPI) to be used across the organization. DI offers Measure Factory enabled off-the-shelf Applications which contain 1,000’s of predefined industry standard clinical, operational, and financial measures. Measure Factory also supports customer defined measures.

Below are some of DI’s healthcare Applications and a sampling of the measures contained within each Application. Associated metadata includes name, definition, business logic, references, and the calculation for each measure. Measure Factory provides consistency and a single source of truth. Users always know exactly what the data represents.

Ambulatory Operations

Emergency Department

Revenue Cycle

Hospital Operations

Intensive Care Unit

Staff Productivity

Provider Advisor




24 Measures

Census Data – Volumes: Hospice referrals, open hospice referrals, etc.

Timeliness Goals: Average hospice length of stay days, median hospice length of stay days, etc.

Marketing: Hospice referral to admit rate, hospice patients not taken, etc.

Palliative Care: Palliative care visits-last 7 days of life, average palliative care visits per patient day, etc.


Hospital Operations

348 Measures

General Others: AMI population, AMI visits, Adjustment transaction amount, COPD population, etc.

Hourly Census: AMI Patients percent-current hour, AMI patients-current hour, average IP census, etc.

Inpatient Others: Acute admission percentage emergency department, acute discharges, intensive care unit days, etc.

Inpatient Ratios: AMI average length of stay, AMI average length of stay target, AMI average length of stay variance, etc.

Inpatient Volumes: AMI discharge days, AMI discharges, acute admissions, etc.

Outcomes Mortality: AMI mortality, AMI mortality rate, AMI mortality rate opportunity, etc.

Outcomes Readmissions: AMI 30 day index population, AMI 30 day indexes with readmit, AMI 30 day readmit rate, etc.

Ambulatory Operations

101 Measures

% AR: % AR 000 to 030 Days, % AR 031 to 060 Days, % AR 061 to 090 Days, etc.

% EM: % EM Level 1, % EM Level 2, % EM Level 3, etc.

Charge: Charge/Adj Work RVU, Charge/Total RVU, Charge/Visit, etc.

EM Level: EM Level 1, EM Level 2, EM Level 3, etc.

Panel: Panel Established Patient Visits, Panel Hospital Visits, Panel New Patient Visits, etc.

Self Pay Patient: Self Pay Patient Balance ($K), Self Pay Patient Balance > 090 Days, Self Pay Patient Balance > 090 Days ($K), etc.

Total Balance: Total Balance 000 to 030, Total Balance 000 to 030 ($K), Total Balance 031 to 060, etc.

Emergency Department

320 Measures

ED Throughput: Avg Boarding Minutes, ED Hold Minutes, Median ED LOS Departed patients (Hours), etc.

ED Quality: Avg Charges per ED Account, Avg ED Level, ED Treat and Release Visits, etc.

ED Census: Average emergency department census, current emergency department census holds today, emergency department arrivals today, etc.

ED Volumes: Billable ED Visit, ED Consult Visits, ED Visit ESI Triage Acuity Level 1 or Critical, etc.

ED Lab Throughput: Elapsed Time CBC Collect to Receive (Minutes), Median Time CBC Collect to Receive (Minutes), Pct ED Visits with CBC, etc.

ED Imaging Throughput: Elapsed Time Arrival to CT Abd-Pelv IV Order (Minutes), Median Time CT Abd-Pelv Complete to Resulted (Minutes), Pct ED Visits with CT Abd-Pelv, etc.

ED Custom: Emergency department visit with CT scan orders, median time length of stay emergency department adult patients (hours), percent emergency department visits with CT scan orders, etc.

ED Performance: Pct ED Visits Critical Care, Pct ED Visits ESI Triage Acuity Level 1 or Critical, Pct ED Visits Hospitalized, etc.

Intensive Care Unit

106 Measures

Arrivals: ICU Arrivals, ICU Arrivals From ED , ICU Arrivals from ED Pct, etc.

Mortality: ICU Mortality Expected, ICU Mortality Index , ICU Mortality Observed , etc.

Returns: ICU Return Rate-48 Hrs, ICU Returns-48 Hrs, ICU Return Rate, etc.

Overall: Overall All Payer Case Mix , Overall All Payer Case Mix Total, Overall ALOS-ICU Accounts, etc.

Imaging: ICU Imaging Charges/ICU Charge Days, ICU Imaging-Chest Xray Charges/ICU Charge Days, ICU Imaging-Radiology All Other Charges/ICU Charge Days, etc.

Pharmacy: ICU Pharmacy-Antiarrythmics Charges/ICU Charge Days, ICU Pharmacy-Diuretics Charges/ICU Charge Days, ICU Pharmacy-Vasopressors/Inotropes Charges/ICU Charge Days, etc.

Provider Advisor

54 Measures

Case Volumes: Inpatient Visits, Emergency Visits, Observation Visits, etc.

Practice Profile: Case Mix Index, Average Age, Severity of Illness, etc.

Utilization: Average Length of Stay, Cost per Encounter, etc.

Outcomes: Hospital Mortalities, Hospital Mortality Rate, 30 Day All Cause Readmissions, etc.

Quality Measures: AMI-1, Overall PN, HF-3, SCIP-CARD-2, etc.

Patient Satisfaction: HCAHPS survey physician “Courtesy & Respect” question, HCAHPS survey physician “Explain Clearly”question, etc.

Patient Safety: Intra-OP Complication, Surgical Site Infections, Post-OP Complications, etc.

Peer Review: Behavior Issues, Discharge Summaries, Operative Notes, etc.

Revenue Cycle

31 Measures

Patient Access: Pre-Registration Rate

Charge Capture: Total Charges by Service Date, Charge Lag Days, Late Charges as % of Total Charges, etc.

Revenue Integrity: Gross Revenue , Net Revenue, Days Gross Revenue in Discharged Not Final Billed (DNFB), etc.

Claims Management: Days Gross Revenue Held in Credit Balances, Final Billed Not Submitted to Payer (FBNS), Clean Claim Submission Rate, etc.

Reimbursement: Denial Rate, Initial Zero Paid Denial Rate, Total Denial Write-Off as a % of Net Revenue, etc.

Other Management: Bad Debt, Bad Debt Write-offs as % of Gross Revenue, Charity Care Write-offs as % of Gross Revenue, etc.

Staff Productivity

84 Measures

Staff Work Effort: Total Hours, Call Back Hours, Staff Mix-Patient Care, etc.

Units of Service: All Emergency Visits, Billed Lab Tests, CMI Adjusted Discharges, etc.

Productivity Ratio: Pat Care: Worked Hours per Equivalent Patient Day, Worked Dollars per Equivalent Patient Day, Productive Hours per Equiv Patient Day, etc.

Productivity Ratio: Ancillary: Productive Hours per Workload Stat

Productivity Ratio: Emergency: Worked Hours per Patient Visit, Worked Dollars per Patient Visit

Productivity Ratio: Imaging: Worked Hours per 100 Procedures, Worked Dollars per 100 Procedures

Productivity Ratio: IV therapy, PT,OT, ST: Worked hours per service

Productivity Ratio: Resp Svcs: Worked Hours per Service Unit (identified by Stat lookup ), Worked Hours per Respiratory Service Unit, Worked Dollars per Respiratory Service Unit

Productivity Ratio: Required Worked Hours, Required Staffing, Pct Actual hrs of Required Hrs., etc.

Productivity Ratio: Rehab: Worked Hours per Rehab Service Unit, Worked Dollars per Rehab Service Unit

Productivity Ratio: Pharmacy: Worked Hours per Pharmacy Service Unit, Worked Dollars per Pharmacy Service Unit

Productivity Ratio: Lab: Worked Hours per Billed Test, Worked Dollars per Billed Test

Productivity Ratio: Surgery: Worked Hours per Cases Supported, Worked Dollars per Cases Supported


137 Measures

Utilization: Total Cases, Inpatient Cases, Outpatient Cases, etc.

Efficiency: First Cases, Late Cases, Late Cases %, etc.

%: Subsequent Cases On-time %, Add-on Cases %, etc.

Minutes: Avg PACU Phase II Minutes

Financial: Avg Total Charges per Surgical Case , Avg Total Charges per Surgical Account, Avg Total Cost per Surgical Account, etc.

Volume: Endoscopy Cases, IP Endoscopy Cases, OP Endoscopy Cases, etc.

Quality & Safety: SSI – Colon Events, SSI – Hysterectomy Events, etc.