Take the guesswork out of staffing requirements forecasting

Staffing requirements forecasting

If your healthcare facility is home to “snow bird” retirees, you know what it’s like to experience population surge during the winter months as many northern residents flee the cold in search of warmer weather.

Providing healthcare services in an area that experiences high population fluctuations due to seasonality presents staff schedulers with a unique set of challenges.

A Diver-based application can integrate data from admissions with data from the facility’s electronic medical record and use that information to develop a daily census, which is viewable to staff by service area within the DivePort web portal.

Supervisors in clinical departments can easily forecast staff by nursing unit within each service area while non-clinical areas, such as food service, can better track of the numbers needed for tray lines at any given point during the day. Staffing requirements forecasting can provide frequently refreshed views of volumes, and also create forecasts based on historical trends to account for holiday weekends, popular community events, and seasonality. These different levels of forecasts take the guesswork out of the equation and allow informed decisions to be made with a higher level of confidence, so staffing managers can focus on allocating existing resources more effectively by shifting resources across departments in a way that optimizes the use of full-time and per diem employees without incurring additional costs.

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