Every member of your healthcare establishment has a critical mission that may feel impossible. Dimensional Insight invites you to meet with us at HIMSS19 to share your daily challenges so that we can make your mission possible.

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HIMSS19 Dates and Location


February 11–15, 2019


Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

Exhibit hall hours:

Tuesday, February 12, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday, February 13, 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday, February 14, 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

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To help with your investigation, here is some research from previous successful missions.

Past Successful Missions

“We wanted a system that was flexible, that had the ability to change as we needed it to, and that was robust. And that has been one of the highlights of working with Dimensional Insight — it fit all that criteria.”

Robert Creaven, Executive Vice President of Operations

Allied Physicians

“The dashboard shows our hospital leaders how everyone is performing on the measures and also provides drill-down capabilities when questions arise. Once armed with this data, the hospital can then develop training material for clinics that are not meeting various thresholds for performance.”

Tim France, Developer

Salinas Valley Memorial Health System

“Diver allows you to really look into the details. We can compare our score to the AHRQ average or to our performance in previous years. Diver includes an arrow showing whether your performance is up or down. I really like it. It’s clean and neat.”

Jacquelyn Zaleski, Decision Support Quality Analyst

Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System

“Diver enables us to get information into the right hands at the right time and do so more quickly and cost-effectively than could other business intelligence solutions we considered.”

William Byers, chief technology officer for Western Maryland Health System

Western Maryland Health System

“I wanted all of our analytics in one place. That’s important not just for our data team so we’re building in the same place, but it’s also important for user access. If all the data is in one system, it makes it very easy for our users to access the data and use it to make decisions.”

Beth Grimes, Director of Enterprise Data Analytics

Gwinnett Medical Center

“The demand for data is continuing to grow exponentially, and being able to respond to the increasing demand is really key for us. Diver has definitely helped us get to where we are and it will help us move into the future.”

Jessica Foy, Manager of Analytics

Evergreen Health

Meet the Agents Who Can Help You on Your Mission

Healthcare and informatics – those are two fields that in theory shouldn’t go together. But they have to work together. They usually don’t speak the same language. Informatics is talking about very concrete, organized structure data management and analysis. In healthcare, the structure is very different. It is not linear in any way.  What I like about this is that I understand the healthcare side and I can help make sense of it to the people from the IT industry.

Julie Lamoureux

Senior Healthcare Consultant

Organizations of all sorts are seeing significant demand for data management, BI, and analytics solutions that have proven to solve a wide variety of problems. As a result, many organizations have realized that having a partner (in our case, one that has been focused on DM, BI, and analytics for 30 years) allows them to do many things, some of which include: uncovering new revenue streams, enhancing customer satisfaction, and being able to differentiate themselves from competitors.

Corinne Federici

Vice President of Channel Development

I love writing our customer case studies. It’s where you really get to see the impact that our technology makes. The case studies don’t talk about a bunch of technology features, but they discuss how our technology can make a real difference for organizations that use it to improve things such as revenue, productivity, and readmissions.

Kathy Sucich

Director of Healthcare Marketing

Our team(s) understand that the customers are our most important asset and time and time again I see our consultants, developers, support and sales personnel going the extra mile for our customers.  We have very strong customer relationships with our customers as evidenced by their attendance at our regional and biannual conferences.  If there is an issue with any customer – whether it be software or service, the entire team steps in to mitigate the issue.

Nora Lissy

Director of Healthcare Information

I think organizations choose us because we offer advice on how to be more data-driven and how to approach data-related problems. Our attitude of not really pushing our product but how we approach an organization’s issues, helping and advising them, is the biggest reason they choose us. Many of our new clients come from existing clients because they know that we deliver.

Jeroen Van Berk

Account Manager

We strive to understand the most important data and analytics problems our customers face and provide solutions to those rather than advertising intriguing, futuristic technologies that may not have true practical applications.

George Dealy

Vice President of Healthcare Applications

For me, it’s important to remember that behind big organizations are people. And what connects people are stories.  We share our customers stories honestly, hoping to encourage our readers to learn from others.

Kayla Chiara

Marketing Specialist

Having the opportunity to meet with our customers in person and hear how our technology has given them the confidence to take on challenges, is so rewarding. This shows that any organization can solve problems that were once believed to be impossible when they’re supported by data that they can trust.

Alison Nicoli

Marketing Communications Manager