Meaningful Use Advisor™

Measure, analyze, and attest, all from a single application.
Built on the Best-in-KLAS-rated healthcare BI platform, Meaningful Use Advisor is certified for all 29 Stage 2 Clinical Quality Measures.

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How to Find the Meaning in Meaningful Use

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Drive Meaningful Use Compliance and Performance Improvement

Why Dimensional Insight?

Population health management companies have many business intelligence software vendors to choose from. Why choose us? Dimensional Insight’s platform has been named Best in KLAS for business intelligence more than any other vendor’s. Meaningful Use Advisor’s purpose-built application provides population health management companies with the tools to not only monitor compliance with Meaningful Use but to analyze your data in real time. This empowers you to immediately take steps to improve processes, enhance patient care, and avoid penalties under the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, therefore reducing your bottom line and increasing profits.

Analyze Core Quality Targets

Continuously monitor hospital performance relative to compliance targets and set thresholds and alerts. Quickly isolate key data points for investigation with exception indicators.

Attestation and Auditing Support

Archive historical data sets for audits, research, and analysis in an ad hoc manner. Calculate and submit clinical quality measures to meet Meaningful Use Stage 2 reporting requirements.

Access to Patient-Level Detail

Evaluate population health at a macro or granular level. Dive from a measure to the underlying patient encounters and investigate variances. Identify patterns within patient populations, including quality compliance, to seek out areas for improvement.

Don’t Just Monitor: Analyze and Improve

Population health management companies face enormous challenges when it comes to achieving and maintaining compliance with Meaningful Use. In order to be successful, it is critical that your staff have access to information in real time, empowering them to act immediately. Preventing hospital readmissions and maintaining compliance with the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program provides a strategic financial opportunity for hospital leaders to reduce readmission penalties and improve the bottom line.

Meaningful Use Advisor provides comprehensive reporting and analysis of Meaningful Use Objectives and Clinical Quality Measures. Interactive dashboards and reports deliver relevant and actionable information for administrators and front-line staff responsible for Meaningful Use compliance and overall performance management.