Monitor and track
patient satisfaction
scores with Diver

Monitor and track patient satisfaction scores to ensure
consistent healthcare quality delivery

Diver’s extensive data integration capabilities allows your organization to integrate patient satisfaction scores from virtually any third-party data provider. Monitoring and tracking patient satisfaction gives providers insights into the effectiveness of their care throughout the entire care cycle to determine areas which excel and those that need improvement.

Today’s healthcare consumer has more choices of providers and facilities and is better educated due to a wealth of internet-based medical information such as publicly disseminated physician and hospital scorecards.

Use the Diver Platform to gain insight that drives improvements in the elements of patient satisfaction measures such as:

  • Interaction with the medical staff
  • Discharge instructions
  • Pain management
  • Medication instructions
  • Hospital environment
  • Wait times

Based on their care experience patients are more likely to commit to their prescribed care plan. That is good for the patient and good for health system.

Learn how:

Mount Sinai Memorial Hospital improved patient care

Western Maryland improved
their quality measures

Covenant Healthcare
reduced readmissions