Govern and share data to enhance health outcomes

Diver’s Measure Factory ensures that everyone is working with a single version of the truth.

Building trust among stakeholders

After Diver integrates data, Measure Factory takes over and applies industry-standard healthcare rules to create measures for your subject matter experts to utilize or customize to meet their unique needs.

Sharing a single version of the truth

Measure Factory ensures that the same definition of a measure is applied every time that measure is created, and it is standardized from every source from which the data is extracted. This means that business rules and other metadata are applied consistently across data sources, resulting in data integrity, standardization, and most importantly, trust in the data by end users.

Users govern data by collaborating

Measure Factory helps to build institutional knowledge with collaboration across functional silos. It allows business units to collaborate on rules and measures so they have buy-in and acceptance of the measures.

Measure Factory supports and maintains the communications between stakeholders and thereby tracks changes and the underlying reasons for those changes.

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“One of the challenges we’ve always had – and where Measure Factory helps us – is with the source of truth. It can be frustrating to ask for a number and get four different numbers back from different people. So, leveraging Measure Factory as that truth is going to really give our teams confidence in the numbers they are getting.”

Ken Arnold, Analytics Manager