Diver Platform data analytics, management, and governance simplified for Healthcare

Healthcare data accessible to all users

Our 2019, 6 time Best in KLAS Diver Platform — most recently winning in 2019 can make organizational data analytics accessible and usable by analysts, business line users, and the C-suite. Everyone can get the governed information they need to make informed, data-driven decisions securely. 2019 Diver gets important information to you and other key stakeholders quickly and in a format you can use immediately. This gives you a more complete understanding of your data so you can make better decisions to improve outcomes, and reduce the cost of health care.

Ability to view many integrated data sources

Because of its unique design, Diver Platform outperforms other analytics, data management, and governance software products. Diver can work with your existing data warehouse, and integrate data from any number of disparate sources. Users can compare data collected from systems like an EMR, EHR, and transactional systems with information in the data warehouse, legacy data sources, spreadsheets, and flat files.

Fast processing response time

Diver’s unique use of in-memory technology explains why Diver users experience consistently fast response times, regardless of underlying healthcare big data volumes. Every implementation includes the installation of all back-end server and production components. There are no hidden costs or expensive third-party tools required to deploy additional features. Users access data through a number of interface options depending on their specific information viewing and analysis needs.


What you can do with Diver:

Data Management and Integration

The extract, transform, and load (ETL) tool provides quick and easy access to a multitude of data sources:

  • Transactional databases
  • Flat files
  • ODBC-compliant databases
  • Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets
  • Wide range of proprietary data formats such as ERP, EMR, EHR, and operational systems
  • Apply rules and measures with Diver’s Measure Factory
Powerful Data Analysis
  • No SQL queries or scripting required to explore and analyze your data
  • Multiple clients: Web-based, desktop, tablet
  • Search, filter, sort, group, and export data from any client
  • Dozens of chart types and options help you uncover hidden trends and patterns
  • Rich set of built-in functions including string, math, statistical, and logical
Dashboard for Every User
  • Predefined drill paths are not necessary with Diver. You can, drill down to additional detail data from any dashboard metric
  • Identify, define, and develop metrics that meet project, departmental, or organizational information requirements
  • Quickly develop and deploy dashboards appropriate to each user’s job role and information requirements
  • Self-service dashboards allow users to create custom dashboards stored on “My Page” feature
  • Download dashboard metrics, charts, and data to MS Excel, PowerPoint, or Adobe PDF documents
Data Governance and Security
  • Flexible authentication options: own, system, LDAP, and web server
  • Data authorization via assigned properties and access control rules
  • Multiple security levels and robust data encryption
  • Access control at the data model or field level

Engage with your data through Diver’s fully interactive dashboards. Learn more by watching this short video.

As a data-driven modern healthcare professional, you need to not only know the status of your KPIs, but you also need the ability to instantly dive down into contextual information to get a clearer view of what is happening when a question arises. Diver’s interactive dashboard provides you with everything you need to proactively engage with the data to find answers on your own.

See this Diver animation as quadrant data changes:

  • Quadrants: 4 interactive quadrants within the executive dashboard
  • KPIs: 7 different KPI views within each quadrant
  • Data Points: 6 data points within each KPI

That’s 168 report items all at your disposal with a single mouse click. No additional report writing. No requests for additional data. No waiting.

Now you know what Diver can do. This is how it works. The techie stuff.

Users can access analytics on multiple devices.

Installation is performed by our team

Dimensional Insight’s team of in-house consultants assist with the design, implementation, and customization of your application. Consulting services offers the flexibility to deliver complete turnkey solutions or remote support for your internal IT team or any level of service in between, putting you in control of your application.


Diver training taught by Dimensional Insight trainers helps users, developers, and IS / IT staff fully understand and benefit from the power of Diver. Courses are delivered onsite at customer organizations or online. Courses can be customized to meet specific needs and organizational challenges.

Diver’s processing engine

Diver Platform columnar database technology gives the greatest increase in speed and efficiency. Diver’s big data processing engine column-oriented, shareable database storage format is optimized for query-time calculations instead of build-time calculations. The design takes advantage of hardware innovations and analysis practices to better handle user behaviors and queries. The engine design is robust enough for challenging enterprise-level analytics and delivers fast performance without taxing resources.

  • Speed: Diver’s processing engine is built for speed, both for calculations and for builds, significantly boosting run-time performance for clients and productivity of IT staff.
  • Run-time performance: Diver’s processing engine algorithms optimize run-time performance for some of the most commonly used computations. Diver’s calculation engine compiles formulas into machine code optimized for the processor on which it is running and runs the machine code runs raw. These design optimizations shave off computation processing time making run-time performance extremely fast.
  • Build times: When your data input amounts to 500 million – 1 billion rows or more, you need builds to turn around quickly. Diver’s processing engine does not pre-summarize data, so the engine build times are small relative to the data input, which all adds up to getting current data available to users quicker and more frequently.

Diver Platform deployment options

  • On-premise (installed)
  • Dashboards
  • SaaS
  • Mobile
  • Ad hoc analysis
  • Alert notifications
  • Data discovery
  • Data integration
  • Exception reporting
  • Hybrid capabilities


Data discovery for everyone in the company

Today’s healthcare systems generate a staggering amount of data, which is totally useless if you can’t proactively turn it into actionable information. Diver can ensure that everyone, from analyst to executive, can make data-driven decisions to change outcomes.

“Diver was the only solution that could join all of this data correctly and produce the upload file we needed as well as the metrics.”
– Robin France, Senior Data Analyst

“Diver provides us with a real flexibility to tackle a wide range of our healthcare system’s needs. For the Breast Center project, we were able to link data from different sources, apply business rules to that data, and present it to users to help with the accreditation process.”
– Beth Willmitch, IT Director, Clinical BI

“We continue to expand our use of the Diver Platform to help us improve our clinical and financial performance. The ultimate aim is to make everyone accountable for the results and that’s what’s best for patient care.”
-Tom Martin, Chief Information Officer