Decrease costs, improve operations efficiencies, and capture revenue.

Financial decision analytics

Our healthcare customers rely on 2019, 6-time Best in KLAS Diver Platform to help them decrease costs, improve operations efficiencies, and capture revenue. Diver integrates data sources such as ERPs, EMRs, spreadsheets, and more to provide a complete view of data to make more informed and strategic decisions. Minimize your reliance on IT support for data extraction and report generation with Diver or Diver’s General Ledger Advisor Application. Below are just a few examples of how our customers use Diver.

Denials management: significantly decrease denials-based write-offs

Denials can balloon into a significant source of lost revenue for healthcare providers.

  • Use the powerful ad-hoc analysis capabilities provided by Diver Platform to determine which facilities, Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRG), and physicians are most prone to payment denial and whether miscoded procedures are resulting in denied claims.
  • Conduct trend analysis to see whether a particular payer is declining a greater percentage of claims at an accelerating pace.
  • At the same time, compare and rank your payers by denial percentage to identify financially vulnerable payers and proactively terminate acceptance agreements.

Membership, referral & utilization analysis

Diver Platform can reduce repetitious, labor intensive, and time-consuming work to create reports every time you have a membership and referral staff request.

With a Diver Platform-based membership and referral application, you can provide end-users with a central source for all of the reporting and analysis needs. Such a system could include hospitals, physician clinics, medical research centers, home health agencies, laboratories, fitness centers, behavioral medicine, and other healthcare organizations.

Reports generated by a membership and referral application could be automatically updated as the data sources are updated. Users would navigate through the data on their own to find answers, and each element in a report would be clickable to reveal the supporting detail data.

Payroll analysis

Analyze Payroll Spending Details to Identify Cost Savings Potential

Diver Platform can automate the time-consuming and labor-intensive data gathering, integration, and reporting tasks needed for a comprehensive and accurate view of payroll spending. With Diver you can analyze payrolls weekly, daily, or by shift instead of monthly or quarterly and increase your ability to accurately make in-time adjustments to staffing levels. 

You can also calculate patient-to-staff ratios and redeploy staff when needed. Plus align shift schedules with admission trends, curtailing spending on expensive staffing agencies. Collaborate by letting managers see current pay period metrics in an easy to use tool. Merge data from charge detail, payroll, and time and attendance systems to visualize historical and current period productivity trends.

Product line analysis

Apply the extensive suite of analytical functionality found in Diver Platform to tailor your equipment, services, and staffing to the size and needs of your patient base.Discover which services justify additional investments in new infrastructure and equipment, based on a multidimensional analysis of customer demand, changing demographics, payer trends, and technological innovation.

Designate low-margin, staff-intensive services for elimination or outsourcing based on detailed cost/benefit analysis. Perform sensitivity analysis to optimally price your product offerings without disenfranchising potential customers. Analyze costs and staffing to determine whether operations such as lab tests and patient billings should be contracted to third-party providers.

Overtime cost reduction

Diver Platform-based applications help reduce overtime cost

Many hospitals staff with both full-time and per diem employees who have different hourly charges and employee time recording systems. Overtime costs for both full-time and per diem employees might unnecessarily consume a large percentage of the payroll. A Diver Platform-based application can help proactively identify which employees are approaching overtime and schedule replacement employees who are not approaching overtime. 

A Diver-based application could show supervisors the rolling labor hours accrued for a given pay period in a dashboard view and highlight which employees are trending toward overtime accrual. The dashboard could cover both clinical and non-clinical departments analyzing the metrics submitted on time cards of both full-time and per diem employees. Supervisors for each business unit (whether fixed or hybrid) could see even the slightest of trends that could lead to an overage and proactively adjust staff schedules.

Revenue cycle management

Get claims submitted on a timely basis.

If you are manually manipulating claims data before submitting it, Diver Platform can streamline the time consuming, error prone, and labor-intensive process.

Diver Platform can help you automate reimbursement management with data models to present claims data in a format ready for reporting, further analysis, or submission for reimbursement. Automated reports can fulfill reimbursement information requests and almost instantaneously answer questions such as how many Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRG) were seen within a given time period, how many patients are associated with a particular revenue code, and how many patients were admitted at a particular location.

Ad-hoc reporting tasks, such as a point-and-click query on how many patients were charged with a particular charge number, take just seconds to run in Diver to expedite turn-around by orders of magnitude. Diver also allows multiple dimensions to be used in queries without relying on IT support to change drill paths.

Staff could enter the charge number, patient number, account number, their insurance information, or their discharge disposition to identify patients, to provide exceptional flexibility and expedite claims processing significantly.