Stop by Pisa Suite/Booth 129 at WSWA and provide a ticket to qualify for an Apple Watch, or a BOSE Soundlink III Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. Print and present this ticket.

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Looking for a sure bet at WSWA for your business?

The Diver Platform and Dimensional Insight’s Applications are it when it comes to information delivery and analysis.


Profitability depends on all departments being able to get the information they need when, how and where they need it.

Find out why over 80% of distributors and over 100 suppliers use Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform and Applications across their enterprise. We provide business intelligence (BI) and applications like Pricing Advisor, GL Advisor, Program Advisor, and more built specifically for Beverage Alcohol distributors and suppliers.

Learn how distributors and suppliers use our Diver Platform and Applications:

  • Dashboards, scorecards, and ad hoc analytics reporting
  • Marketing, sales, operational, and performance data analysis
  • Integrating disparate data sources
  • Handling BIG data
  • Accessing all data connected and disconnected from the Internet
  • Pricing, programs, and chargebacks

So if you’re looking for a sure bet for your business then meet with us at WSWA, Pisa Suite/Booth 129 and see our solutions in action. Enter our raffle and book a brief demo.