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Traditional dashboards aren’t going to hack it

Executives are voracious information consumers. For a over decade, the traditional BI dashboard has been the tool of choice to deliver operational and performance metrics. But, your business has evolved and we believe that it’s time for your dashboards to deliver more than static charts, graphs and antiquated reports with simple filters. With powerful data capture features and guided analytics capabilities Dimensional Insight’s unique ‘dive-in’ approach to web analytics, DivePort, provides the tools and capabilities to revive and modernize your information delivery strategy. DivePort: Build visually stunning and highly interactive dashboards that minimize IT oversight and empowers users with deep ‘dive-in’ analytics and self-service information discovery.

DivePort Mapping Capabilities

Mapping Capabilities

‘Dive In’ Information Delivery & Visualization

• Highly configurable graphical and tabular data displays
• Customize content, layout and design by role, department, company and industry
• Mapping and location analysis capabilities
• Export to Excel®, PowerPoint® and PDF formats
• Integrate data and content from multiple sources
• Data capture and input capabilities for on-the-fly data correction, metrics management and dashboard annotation

“There are more options for the graphical representation of the data which helps us communicate trends and exceptions in a way that everyone can easily recognize, instantly understand, and act upon.”
– Vice President and Chief Information Officer, NorthBay Healthcare

Take Complete Control of Your Data with DivePort

• DivePort allows end users to supplement their DivePort data with real time entry of data not found in their enterprise databases or other source systems.
• By using DivePort, you can implement data entry processes based on role-based and workflow-specific business needs.
• Build custom dashboard applications to collect or correct data when and where it is needed.
• Allow users to set goals, targets and threshold metrics for reports and dashboards, annotate their dashboards, make data corrections, or create and maintain a central repository of data needed by multiple users.

New Design Standards

DivePort Hospital Productivity Dashboard

DivePort | Si – this modern, easy to use UI for your portals provides new controls to allow fast, intuitive navigation for users, with easier page setup for content developers.

DivePort Bridge Software

Diver Platform Bridge – Manage all your portals and applications through a single URL, using Bridge. Users authenticate to one portal and are presented with all the applications to which they have access, simply and seamlessly.