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Participate in a 15-minute demo of our award-winning business analytics software and we will donate 500 kronor to your favorite charity.

Diver Platform makes it easy to leverage your own data to gain valuable insights. As a result, Diver users improve their business by lowering costs by improving processes and delivering greater value to their customers.

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2020 Market Study
by Dresner
Best in KLAS
for BI/Analytics

A Diver Platform demo can show you how we’re different.

Above all, Diver Platform’s unique design outperforms competitors. That’s because it’s flexible and fast.

Diver can work with your existing data warehouse. Moreover, it integrates data from most any data source. Consequently, you can compare data collected from ongoing systems with information in the data warehouse. You can also make comparisons with legacy data sources. You can even utilize spreadsheets and flat files. In other words, Diver is very flexible.

Diver has a unique way of storing data. Because of this, Diver users experience fast response times. It’s fast no matter how much data you have.

With Diver Platform, you don’t need to look through data in a ranked order. You can drill down to detail data from any dashboard link. Consequently, ad hoc analysis is a breeze.

Diver dashboards are customizable. For instance, you can identify, define, and develop your own metrics. That way, the metrics will meet your own company information needs.

Our dashboard “stamps” are easy-to-use. Because they’re easy-to-use, you can make your own dashboard. Most importantly, the dashboard will be relevant to your own job.