Manufacturing Data Sheet

Software Solutions That Drive Profitability, Quality, and Cost Containment

While factory floor automation has significantly improved all areas of processing for manufacturing companies, it has also generated a staggering amount of data. While IT departments have taken advantage of hardware improvements to economically store the increased data volumes, manufacturers often lack the ability to convert this data into actionable information, resulting in a distressing “fact gap.” This creates obstacles for managers seeking reductions in lead time, improvements in product quality, and meaningful production cost savings.

Optimizing manufacturing processes and identifying inefficiencies requires a comprehensive understanding of how products and customers consume resources, including an integrated, data-driven view of the manufacturing supply chain, support functions, and infrastructure. Today’s manufacturing businesses need comprehensive demand-planning tools. Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform™ enables managers to perform sophisticated cost and profitability analysis and gain unprecedented visibility into their manufacturing processes.

To remain competitive in the global marketplace, manufacturers must:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Maintain maximum asset utilization
  • Ensure consistent product quality and on-time delivery

Data Integration to Reduce Operating Costs

By providing an integrated data view of the supply chain, factory capacity, and operator shift schedules, Diver helps minimize factory downtime. Manufacturers must be certain that raw material vendors can guarantee the availability and on-time arrival of their materials and that the proper machine/operator pairing is available during scheduled production runs. Diver’s demand-planning software provides the necessary data detail and history to help manufacturers identify process inefficiencies on a number of fronts.

  • Raw material prices often fluctuate on a seasonal basis. Diver’s demand-forecasting solutions enable you to predict in which months of the year input costs will be highest for a particular product.
  • Unprofitable downtime can be minimized by scheduling maintenance while taking product demand and raw material availability into account.
  • Drilling down into shift-, machine-, and operator-level detail can identify time-intensive manufacturing steps that could be alleviated by additional operator training or by substituting pre-manufactured components.

Maintain Maximum Asset Utilization With Demand-Forecasting Software Solutions

Maximizing asset utilization is a top priority attainable with predictive maintenance technology. Increases in energy costs and regulatory compliance mandates have increased the pressure to keep assets running at peak performance. With the costs of unplanned downtime much higher than the costs of scheduled downtime, Diver’s demand-forecasting software enables manufacturers to apply predictive maintenance technology and shift maintenance and service strategies from reactive and preventive to proactive and predictive.

Ensure Consistent Product Quality and On-Time Delivery

The statistical control charts found in Diver alert machine operators and engineers to deviations from expected process behavior and trends in defect ratios. Ad hoc analytical capabilities help answer questions such as which shift, machine, operator, or raw material source correlates with increased defect rates or deviations. Diver facilitates root cause analysis by providing the ability to quickly drill down to detail-level data from higher-level summary views.

Diver’s demand-forecasting system improves efficiency and reduces production downtime. We offer demand-planning modules that help manufacturers plan production schedules based on seasonal, cyclical, or other customer demand profiles. Diver utilizes calendar-based data views to provide an intuitive visualization of production schedules. By aligning anticipated demand with production and transportation capacity, on-time product delivery becomes a reality.