Surgery Advisor

Manage Operating Room Facilities to Peak Levels

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Surgical Services fuel your bottom line 

The transition from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursements makes it crucial to maximize operating room performance. Surgery Advisor™ provides OR directors and administrators with timely access to the key operational, financial, and clinical information needed to manage OR facilities at peak levels.

With Surgery Advisor, you can monitor operational metrics to understand current performance, track trends, investigate variances, and carry out interactive analysis to identify and drive process improvement opportunities.

Access Consolidated Views of Surgery Metrics and Activities

Surgery Advisor automates the integration and transformation of data from perioperative, EHR, financial, facilities, quality, and safety systems, eliminating time-consuming and manual data gathering, aggregation, and calculations.

Gain visibility into OR operational performance with consolidated views of core surgical activities and metrics that summarize and provide detail on efficiency, utilization, costs, and surgeon performance.

Information is quickly available — from current schedule to late first cases, block and facility utilization, and turnover times — through dashboards, reports, and ad hoc analytics.

React Faster with Timely, Actionable Information

When data is updated daily — instead of weekly — OR Managers can detect issues, conduct analyses, and take  proactive steps to correct.

Surgery Advisor’s dashboards display essential information and key factors impacting operating room performance in a concise format. Visual alerts help OR managers quickly identify problems and take immediate action.

Delve into Details

Surgery Advisor’s interactive dashboards, reports, and analytics allow OR managers via a simple point-and-click interface to filter and drill down into underlying detail to explore and analyze the data.

Surgery Advisor provides consolidated views of key performance indicators and metrics.

Boost OR Efficiency

Maximize OR efficiency with a reporting and analysis environment that presents the key drivers of throughput.

  • Case Volumes – Track case volumes by specialty and type; identify patterns and compare performance across facilities.
  • Room Turnover – Analyze turnover time by room, facility, or surgeon; review room turnover by time of day, day, week, month, or quarter to uncover trends.
  • Late Starts & Delays – Examine late first case reports by day, day of the week, and surgeon.

Improve OR Utilization

Increase OR utilization with visibility into the key drivers of resource utilization.

  • Facility Utilization – Track utilization by room or facility level. Use information to adjust available capacity to maximize Return on Investment of surgical facilities.
  • Prime Time Utilization – Evaluate utilization during prime and off-peak hours.
  • Block Utilization – Analyze block time utilization to ensure efficient physician OR utilization and to drive productivity improvements.

Contain Costs

Control costs with visibility into information down to the case level. Detect cost variations due to lack of standardization.

  • Identify surgeons and procedures impacting OR financial performance.
  • Analyze procedure costs by supply type and by surgeon.
  • Examine costs by surgeon, including supply and implant cost trends.

Advance Quality and Safety

Monitor safety and patient satisfaction data by surgeon, specialty, and facility. Understand patterns and track trends for protocols compliance, such as SCIP measures.

Business Intelligence Platform

Surgery Advisor leverages Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform™ — winner of Best in KLAS Business Intelligence.

2014 Best in KLAS

Awarded Best in KLAS for Business Intelligence more times than any other vendor.