Meaningful Use Advisor

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Achieve Meaningful Use Certification Faster

Don’t Just Monitor — Analyze and Improve

Many EHR systems require upgrades or new modules to produce the quality and Meaningful Use reports required to qualify for financial incentives under the ARRA HITECH Act. Even then, there are often questions surrounding the accuracy and thoroughness of the data. The resulting metrics summaries may show where you stand relative to compliance, but don’t necessarily allow you to easily dig into details to examine what you can do about it.

Meaningful Use Advisor provides comprehensive reporting and analysis of Meaningful Use Objectives and Clinical Quality Measures. Interactive dashboards and reports deliver relevant and actionable information for administrators and front-line staff responsible for Meaningful Use compliance and overall performance management.

Select a CQM measure population and “dive” into the details.

Pinpoint Opportunities for Improvement

Meaningful Use Advisor presents information in ways that help you target compliance lapses. Information is refreshed continuously to provide up-to-date visibility of where you stand on the road to compliance. “Dive” into the underlying details with a simple click to quickly uncover root causes and identify opportunities for improvement. Easily change timeframes to isolate opportunities to improve while they still exist.

Analyze Clinical Quality Measures

The Clinical Quality Measures (CQM) dashboard provides an at-a-glance picture of all Meaningful Use CQM measures for theorganization in one place. It displays the current period, reporting periods (90 days or reporting year-to-date) or other specified time periods, as well as a breakdown of the measure population. Meaningful Use Advisor has been certified for all 29 CQMs, so providers can choose the 16 measures they want to attest to.

Assess Compliance Progress More Effectively

  • Exception indicators allow you to quickly isolate key data points for investigation.
  • Visual indicators, such as trend charts, help you to track compliance trends.
  • Analyze entire denominator populations at once to obtain a broader understanding of compliance across measures.

Quality managers can interact with and navigate the underlying data to understand compliance by measure, investigate compliance gaps down to the patient encounter level, and identify areas for improvement. Prior years’ detailed attestation information is archived to support a CMS audit.

Invest For The Long Term

With Meaningful Use Advisor, you get a reporting and analytics solution that will help you meet not just Stage 1 and Stage 2 Meaningful Use, but future requirements as well.

Monitor Compliance at the Care Management Level

Physician and nursing unit views let you assess compliance from the perspective of those managing the patient’s care. Understand the impact of physician and nursing performance on overall organizational compliance on a current and trends basis.

Automate EHR Data Aggregation

Powered by the Diver Platform™ — Best in KLAS winner for Business Intelligence/ Reporting four years in a row — Meaningful Use Advisor robustly and reliably extracts data from EHRs without creating an additional burden for IT.

Present Timely Feedback to Reinforce Best Practices

Provide your staff with actionable information about patients still in the hospital, enabling them to take appropriate action quickly, rather than just receiving reports about opportunities missed weeks ago.

DI Meaningful Use Compliance Advisor is a 2014 Edition compliant Inpatient EHR Module certified by ONC-ACB ISCA Labs in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Additional required disclosures can be found on the Meaningful Use Technical Specifications page of this web site.


Business Intelligence Platform

Meaningful Use Advisor leverages Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform™ — winner of Best in KLAS Business Intelligence.

2015-2016 Best in KLAS

Awarded Best in KLAS for Business Intelligence more times than any other vendor.