Why Diver Platform 7.0?

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Beyond Business Intelligence

The Diver Platform is Dimensional Insight’s enterprise-wide reporting and analytics platform. It provides all of the components needed to implement and deploy actionable, role-based business intelligence across your organization. Diver Platform 7.0 includes several new features designed to improve user interaction with organizational data and speed BI content development.

These features include:

• Workbench: An integrated development environment for back-end processes and centralized project management
• Bridge: A central access point for all your Dimensional Insight applications
• Simplifi ed user interface: Portal is simple and clean, providing intuitive access to your data
• Improved DivePort page editing: Includes undo and global cancel, as well as larger, simpler, faster controls
• Security enhancements: Includes lost password recovery, password hashing update, and password policies
• Seamless migration: Upgrade at your own pace. All legacy functionality is still fully supported

With Diver Platform 7.0, you also get Spectre, Dimensional Insight’s in-memory data engine that offers enterprise customers superior performance and processing speed.

The Spectre data engine provides users with unprecedented performance, especially with larger, more complex dives. Spectre is focused on the features used most by power analysts in the Diver community. The result is lightning-fast calculations, which means rapid access to information.
Spectre takes advantage of recent hardware and software innovations to better handle new user behaviors and queries. Spectre is built on a columnar database rather than the Model database utilized by previous versions of Diver Solution. By storing data in columns instead of rows, data elements can be accessed as a group, rather than individually row-by-row. In addition, customers only need to create one cBase, rather than multiple Models as in Diver Solution.

Other benefits of Spectre:

• Unlimited dimensions
• No more need for consolidated multi-models
• Overall fi le size is drastically reduced
• Time to build is much faster, allowing streamlined ETL processing
• Low per-user overhead, allowing for support of more simultaneous users
• Simpler, readable build script
• First-class support for dates and periods
• Multi-tab reports can open much faster

Comparing Diver Solution (Models) to Diver Platform (Spectre)

Here’s an example of a build with the traditional Model database vs. Spectre. This is customer data from InterReport. The input is 46 million rows, 215 columns, and 102 GB of text. The output is a 9-dimension multi-tab, six summaries, and 230,000 rows.



Workbench is Dimensional Insight’s integrated development environment that comes with both Diver Solution and Diver Platform. It is a visual environment for centralized project management that allows users to manage their entire back-end process, from data source to portal, from a single tool. Workbench allows users to develop integrated ETL processes from within a single application. It combines features previously available in various tools including:

• Visual Integrator
• Production
• DiveMaster

Other benefits of Workbench

• Simple file explorer interface (much like Windows)
• Easy-to-use drag and drop capabilities for import/export
• Editor based on simple text-based scripting language
• Shows syntax errors
• Highlights important parts of scripts
• Gives code suggestions
• Allows users to test and visually examine data flows