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Microhospitals Leverage Data to Deliver Timely, Quality Care

Quick Facts
Organization: Tandem Hospital Partners
Industry: Healthcare
Customer since: 2016
Website: www.tandemhospitalpartners.com
Solution: Diver Platform

If a patient is waiting for more than a certain period of time, we have the option of triggering alerts through emails or other messaging services, or even just visually identifying those patients on a dashboard, a tracker board. This can go a long way in improving wait times and patient satisfaction.

— AJ Roy, Director of Business Intelligence and Interoperability

Key takeaways

  • Tandem’s non-traditional business plan created specific demands for its data management and business intelligence solution.
  • Diver Platform integrates multiple EHR systems and workflows from Tandem’s various partners.
  • Tandem leverages Diver for insights into clinical care, operations, finance, and quality.
  • Triggered alerts and visual notifications help Tandem hospitals minimize patient wait times.


Tandem Hospital Partners works with leading hospital systems across the U.S. to build and operate state-licensed, CMS-accredited, acute care neighborhood hospitals. These “microhospitals” are open 24/7 and staffed by board-certified ER physicians. Each hospital has an in-house lab, pharmacy, radiology, 7 ED beds, and 6 to 10 inpatient beds. Short wait times are central to the business plan.

Tandem builds hospitals from the ground up and then partners with bigger, “brand-name” hospitals in the region. Tandem has opened five hospitals in Indiana and five in Kansas City, with facilities planned for Philadelphia and Madison, Wisconsin. Tandem aims to open hospitals in rural, suburban, and urban areas of the U.S.

The organization’s goals include:

  • Becoming the U.S. leader in building and operating acute care neighborhood hospitals specializing in emergency services for established hospital systems
  • Serving 1 million ER patients by 2021
  • Maintaining an overall mean patient satisfaction score of greater than 90

The challenge

Healthcare consumers increasingly seek lower-cost, more convenient, and timelier medical care. Tandem focuses on meeting this demand with a hub-and-spoke model of microhospitals allied with established hospital systems. This gives consumers easy access to acute care in their neighborhoods while expanding the footprint of bigger hospitals. Tandem’s scaled-down facilities are designed to deliver excellent care with minimal wait times, something that sets it apart from traditional ERs.

“One of the key differentiators in these microhospitals is the ‘door-to-doc’ time,” says AJ Roy, Tandem’s director of business intelligence and interoperability. To deliver on this differentiator, Tandem wanted to leverage data and business intelligence.

Tandem’s business plan creates other specific demands for its data management and BI. It needed a solution that could integrate multiple EHR systems in different states, since each partner hospital may have its own EHR and workflow.

It also needed a solution that could scale up quickly. It takes Tandem just three years to build and open a hospital, with 15 openings planned for 2018. “We are in a huge ramp-up phase, so whatever infrastructure solution we engage, it has to be extremely scalable and very fast,” Roy says.

The goal

Tandem’s data management and analytics goals include:

  • Ensuring patients are seen by physicians within 5 minutes 90% of the time
  • Integrating multiple EHRs from partners into one data model
  • Gaining insights into the operations of hospitals located throughout the U.S.

The solution

Tandem is putting Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform to work in four realms – clinical care, operations, finance, and quality – in all of its locations across the country. Diver integrates disparate EHRs from different partners into one platform. “It is a three-dimensional view of our industry looking at these four domains across different markets, with the primary deliverable being the quality of service,” Roy explains.

Custom dashboards “provide a tactical view of the operation,” Roy says. This includes an hourly census that both clinical and operational teams can view in the same place. The hourly operational data can be used to notify staff of critical events. For instance, Roy explains, if a patient is waiting for more than a certain period of time, “we have the option of triggering alerts through emails or other messaging services, or even just visually identifying those patients on a dashboard, a tracker board.” This can go a long way in improving wait times and patient satisfaction.

In finance, billing offices in Tandem hospitals now use Diver for month-end reconciliation and day-to-day tracking. Executives also draw on it for “overall business intelligence and strategic support,” according to Roy.

Working with Dimensional Insight, Tandem implemented Diver in the cloud, where it serves as a hub for Tandem’s other cloud services. This allows Tandem to focus on building, opening, and operating its microhospitals, rather than investing in data warehousing.

The results

Tandem is successfully using Diver to integrate 15 or 20 different data feeds. Roy says, “We are already bringing in multiple hospitals in the same platform, which is very much in line with our strategic goals.”

What’s next

Tandem will continue to rely on Diver to integrate multiple EHR systems as the company grows, opening more microhospitals with new partners. In addition, existing partners are free to change their EHRs and workflows. Diver’s ability to integrate many different data sources will allow Tandem to keep up with these evolutions at its partner hospitals.

Lessons learned

Overall, Roy praises Dimensional Insight for both its product and its people. He says he appreciates that Dimensional Insight “understands the sense of urgency we have because our business model depends very heavily on the data” and how Diver delivers data quickly, when it is timely and useful.

He goes on, “The biggest strength of Dimensional Insight’s platform is its people. So, when we talk about a solution, I don’t want to focus only on the features and the capabilities. It’s also the support and the eagerness to help. The sincerity in the whole process. We are really happy to be a partner.”